Mykonos / San Giorgio Hotel / Interior

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                                                                                                 location: Mykonos
                                                                                                 hotel: San Giorgio
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Let's start a new journey today!
We are going straight to one of the best and definitely unique hotels at Mykonos.
Thanks to them and their Bloggers week, Jelena (check her post too) and I got the chance to enjoy and explore this amazing place, which would be my honest recommendation to everyone!

Set against the dramatic coastline of this amazing island, the San Giorgio Hotel is situated between Paradise and Paraga beaches, one of the most scenic areas of the island (which you will see in one of the upcoming posts about hotel's exterior).

Originally built in the 1990s, the hotel was purchased by owners of the nearby club. After nearly a decade running Mykonos’ world-famous Paradise Club, Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel  (Check the interesting story about these inspiring people  Here) have teamed up with Design Hotels™ to create San Giorgio. And they manage to create a true bohemian paradise!

The hotel interior was designed by Berlin-based team, Lambs&Lions, and completed in 2012. Simplicity and comfort, history and heritage, organic materials and carefully picked furniture are signatures of this bohemian luxury hotel.  All rooms (34, including 2 suites, the gorgeous Grande suite was our) are equally equipped with a shower and modern bathroom, air-conditioning as well as complimentary wireless internet (yap, that's true).

Downtown Mykonos as well as Mykonos Airport are a 10-minute drive from the San Giorgio. And whether you decide to discover the hidden treasures of the island, spent a day in your hammock, go to a beach bars, enjoy local food or go crazy at night, this location is ideal for every type of holiday.

Carefree vibe of the '60s bohemian life make this hotel a special place. And the luxury lies in the whole experience!
Must try! 

p.s. In the upcoming post, I will also show you the exterior of the San Giorgio and talk about the hotel staff, these people are the BEST! 


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