How to dress like French editor

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Beside Instagram, Pinterest is my second addiction. It became one of my favorite places when I'm in search for inspiration. And today I wanted to share one really special board from my profile made with chic ladies, the coolest gang ever - La Parisienne!
Emmanuelle Alt, Geraldine Saglio and Capucine Safyurtlu are super stylish women. Their simplicity, confidence and attitude with Parisian charm were enough to make this signature look very popular.
And if you like them, here are some tips so you can easily copy their style! Most of their clothes are Isabel Marant, Balmain, A. Wang,  Zadig and Voltaire etc. but you can find great similar pieces at Mango, Zara or H&M with much more affordable prices.
Wardrobe essentials:
1. basic t-shirt - white, black and grey / here or here
2. perfect white shirt / here
3. cashmere sweater - black and grey / check at Benetton store
4. leather jacket / here
5. boyfriend or tuxedo blazer in black / here
6. military coat / every winter collection at Mango or Zara
7. jacket or blazer with pointed shoulders / Zara or Mango
1. white jeans / here
2. black jeans / here
3. washed grey jeans / here
4. classic black pants (ankle length) / here
5. black leather or coated pants / here or here
1. black stilettos / here
2. lace up sandals or strap sandals / here or here
3. ankle boots flat or high heels / here
4. ballet flats or oxford shoes / here
1. sunglasses
2. watch
3. ring or bracelet
4. braided belt / here
5. black leather belt with metal details  / here
And when you get these pieces (probably you already have most of them), you only need to mix and match  and you will easily achieve French editors look.
Don't forget the attitude, always be cool! ;)